Mountain Biking Philippines–Nuvali’s Mountain Bike Trails

Nuvali’s Pump Bike Tracks Open To Bike Enthusiasts

Adrenaline junkies and bike aficionados with a passion for trailblazing can now rejoice as Nuvali’s mountain bike tracks open itself to patrons! Nuvali, famed and known for its verdant greenery and lush surroundings, is one of the excellent places to pursue your passion for the great outdoors and one of the ways to do just that is to go mountain biking. Biking in the Philippines has recently been generating a lot of buzz among outdoor sports enthusiasts and biking buffs that it was only inevitable for Nuvali to capitalize on the trend in the form of its various biking trails.

If you are an individual with an affinity for nature and a penchant for chasing whatever the great outdoors has in store for you, biking is definitely an activity you will find yourself inexorably gravitating to.

Scenic Views And Rich Picturesque Backgrounds

One of the best avenues to fully take and appreciate the verdant greenery and lush surroundings Nuvali offers is biking. As biking in the Philippines is already stirring up quite a storm and has consistently been making waves in the world of outdoor sports, it would be an excellent activity to try. With so many avid biking aficionados in the Philippines, you are sure to be quick when it comes to gaining a momentum in the biking sphere.

As Nuvali is a vast real estate development situated in Sta. Rosa Laguna filled with lush greenery perfect for biking tracks; it would be inevitable for it to attract bikers from all over the metropolitan cities such as Manila. It has even begun to attract biking enthusiasts from provinces and all over the Philippines. The popularity of Nuvali’s bike tracks can mainly be attributed to two things: amazing trails and breathtaking sceneries.

While Nuvali can boast of remarkable bike trails complemented by majestic and scenic views, it would still take approximately a couple of hours or more to reach. Being situated in Sta. Rosa Laguna which is almost a 3-hour long drive taking the SLEX. As a result, many bike enthusiasts aspiring to take on the trails of Nuvali would be deterred from doing so with the prospect of braving through the traffic just to get to their destination.

However, you would find that Nuvali’s bike tracks might actually be worth driving through the traffic (as well as the three-hour ride) within moments from checking it out and sampling its dirt. Nuvali has both off-road biking and running trails that are approximately 50 kilometers in length—both of which offers a scenic expanse of lush greenery and picturesque surroundings. If you truly wish to explore what biking in the Philippines is, you would not miss out on an opportunity to bike the tracks of Nuvali!

Trails Perfect For Biking Novices And Seasoned Experts

Nuvali is perfect for any kind of biker there is—regardless of whether you are a seasoned biking expert or a novice at tackling on biking trails! In fact, Nuvali has been proclaimed to be one of the best tracks if you have recently started out mountain biking or are trying to get yourself into the sport. This is especially true if you are still inept at handling the more technical bike trails or are a bit intimidated by it.

Mountain Biking Philippines recommends the Nuvali Trails to help you get started on your biking passion and endeavor. Nuvali’s trails are mainly flat which makes it a safe starting trail for beginners and a relaxing ride for competitive and seasoned bikers. If novice riders wish to push themselves a bit, there are hilly parts in the trail but do not require a high level of endurance nor stamina.

An Interesting And Visual Bike Ride

Unlike riding the familiar pavements of major metropolitan cities, Nuvali has something else to offer their bikers in terms of natural and visual aesthetics as well as picturesque surroundings. The bike ride generally begins on a pavement up to Trail 2. In here, the trails occasionally twist and are single tracks with the occasional short slopes, bumps, and roots to keep the ride from being boring and one-dimensional. Those who are up for a challenge may wish to head on to the trail from Nuvali Camp N to the New Zealand Trail which is aptly designated as such owing to the cows that used to gather in the area.

If you wish to explore more options, you can choose to bike more trails which includes one that is situated near Republic Wakepark and a couple more single tracks. In this regard, mountain biking in the Philippines gives bikers—both seasoned and beginners—a lot more options when it comes to choosing bike trails. However, Republic Wakepark’s trails are pretty much like Trail 2 which are flat and easy to finish. From there, you may then choose to go ahead and bike back to the parking lot through the main road.

An Event For Bikers

Mountain Biking in the Philippines has reached unparalleled heights—a true mark of that is Nuvali’s yearly Dirt Weekend Bike Festival. Bikers from Philippine provinces and all over the world are all welcome to join regardless of whether they are into amateur of professional biking– an event that truly cements Nuvali as a pioneer in the world of biking. Furthermore, this event has succeeded in bringing world-class cycling formats and enthusiasts in the country.