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No doubt, Laguna would be one of the Philippine tourist spots to attract hordes of tourists regularly. After all, the city is famed for its range of tourist spots accompanied by a cooler climate. However, when you do intend to visit, it begs the question: Where to stay in Laguna?

Similarly, if you have slated Laguna as the place for your events, where should you conduct them? More importantly, what would make the ideal event’s place in Laguna?


Laguna is inevitably one of those Philippine cities that would make for a picturesque wedding venue. Consequently, the city continues to attract prospective couples who are planning to tie the knot as well as event manages in search for the perfect backdrop of whatever event they might have in mind. To address the incessant clamor for an appropriate event’s place in Laguna that answers all of a client’s potential needs while providing an excellent backdrop for whatever occasion, Nuvali unveils the Monochrome.

If you wish to hold an event in Laguna and are unsure of where to hold it exactly, The Monochrome in Nuvali will be your answer.


The Monochrome is a one-stop destination in the South of Manila for world-class social and public events, from family celebrations to big public events such as wedding receptions, parties, corporate events and concerts.

Designed by the Leandro V, Locsin Partners Architects, The Monochrome features an iconic modern design. It includes modern audio and visual in-house system.

Nestled in Nuvali, the events place has a lakeside view that offers the perfect backdrop for all types of events. The beautiful, picturesque setting can definitely make any event stand out. In this regard, the Monochrome would be the perfect setting to give any momentous event a touch of class as well as a dash of panache.


No doubt, Laguna would be one of those Philippine cities that would attract tourists day in and day out. On summer seasons and around December, this is particularly true as some locals would be seeking to beat the summer heat with a cooler climate. So, when you are in the city, where should you stay in Laguna?

While the city is in no shortage of good hotels, if you are looking for where to stay in Laguna, it would be best if you afforded yourself maximum comfort at The Seda Hotel in Nuvali.


Knowing where to stay in Laguna should not be a challenge with its string of accommodation hotels and inns. However, if you are wishful of a relaxing and comfortable stay, consider Seda Hotel Nuvali—Laguna’s premier destination for tourists wishful of maximum comfort and relaxation.

Seda Nuvali sits on a strategic location at the center of the business and commercial district of NUVALI. It affords stunning views of the lake, overlooking structures that blend perfectly with natural landscapes, evoking a serene, resort-like environment.

Seda Nuvali forms an integral part of the eco-estate. Staying here, guests are afforded with stunning views of the lake and overlooking structures blending perfectly with the surrounding natural landscapes.

As a resort-like hotel, Seda offers facilities and amenities the modern traveler needs. It has 150 contemporary style guest rooms, e-lounge, spa, gym and restaurant. Seda also features banquet and meeting venues.

Seda Hotel is near Solenad as well as The Monochrome Events. In this regard, if you are looking for a good place to stay, consider Seda Hotel in Nuvali.