A New Outlook On Suburban Living

The fourth and latest sequel to the Avida Settings series, Avida Southfield Settings Nuvali is the ideal choice for moving into the next chapter of your life. It is built for individuals and families who favor ‘organized living’ while improving their quality of life amidst a modern-themed community within Nuvali.

It offers individuals and budding families a secure and safe community, and a new outlook on suburban living.

Located at the South of NUVALI, Avida Southfield Settings is nestled in gently rolling terrain, with lush greenery, breathtaking views, and houses with fresh and contemporary designs.

It also features a 1-hectare amenity area designed to promote healthy living and community interaction. The amenities include a multi-purpose hall, adult and kiddie swimming pools, basketball court, children’s park and playground and landscaped parks and open spaces.

Based in the South of NUVALI, Southfield Settings is near everything and anything you’ll need. Southfield Settings also lets you in and out to the main city via several exits in SLEX. Its nearest landmarks are Miriam College, Solenad 1 and Camp N.